Divine Alchemy Yoga

How to start working with Sacred Cacao

Ingredients  -Ceremonial Cacao 30g -Liquid MCT Oil (Coconut Oil) 10g -Agave Syrup/Nectar 30g -Water/Milk 200ml Optional Extra’s -Cinnamon x 1 pinch -Lions Mane Mushrooms (for focus and concentration) -Reishi (to help with sleep) -Cordyceps (to help with performance and recovery) -Turmeric (ground) x 1 pinch (to help with inflammation) -Any other Herb, Spice or medicinal … Read more

Notes from my first Permaculture Tour

I got some feedback about my tour yesterday that I didn’t reference the Permaculture Principles themselves, which some people were hopeful of. I think this is because I no longer see Permaculture as a theory but rather I embody Permaculture with every living action that take in life. For me it’s a frequency and a … Read more

Do you need help healing from trauma?

As a Yoga Therapist I have found the combination of movement, breathwork, meditation and sacred medicines extremely powerful in the practice of what I call trauma resolution. You see, when we experience trauma it gets stored in the tissues of our body. If left to itself in the subconscious these traumas can lead to long … Read more