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Andrew Tate v Greta Thunberg – A display of the destructive ego

The whole Andrew Tate versus Greta Thunberg thing really highlights to me the importance of being humble in the world and not acting out of ego.

I find it fascinating that a super wealthy 36 year old man still chooses to act and behave from that place of ego.

But also at the same time it doesn’t surprise me at all.

It’s a nice reminder that financial success does not necessarily correlate with personal growth or maturity for that matter.

I don’t think there has ever been as much division of opinion in the world as there is now.

It’s possibly the most divisive time that we’ve ever seen on this planet.

When the ego has a grip on an individual it results in situations like these. Where two people argue, both claiming to be right, to the point where one or both people suffer enormously.

We should be able to live in a world we we respect each others opinions, without being triggered by our own ego.

But also, everyone is on their own individual journey and must go through this stage of acting through ego before they are able to eventually break free from it and end their own suffering.

I’ve done an enormous amount of work over the past decade through meditation, yoga and psychedelics to understand my ego and to learn how to dance with my ego rather than be dominated by it.

And still, even just the past month I still catch my ego negotiating with my mind in order to stay relevant.

It quite funny to observe actually.

Learning to dance with my ego and maybe one day allowing it to dissolve completely will most likely be a life long practice.

I hope that this public display of ego between Thunberg And Tate enlightens people to how destructive the ego can be.

It’s sure entertaining for those watching on but it’s also a powerful life lesson if we choose to look at it that way.

Much love


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