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Sit better to increase longevity

Here’s why sitting is not necessarily the cause of postural problems, aches, pains, injuries etc. And why “HOW YOU SIT” is a much better question to ask yourself if you are serious about longevity and good health. FACT: Yogi’s have been sitting in meditation for hours upon hours per day for over 5000 years. Fact, … Read more

My meditation journey (2 years on)

So… almost 2 years ago in June 2016 I started meditating. 🧘‍♂️ Since this time, despite a few rare days, it’s been a daily practice and a powerful change agent in the space of my own mental health and wellbeing, but also that of my family as a unit. It’s also had a huge impact … Read more

Campaign Detail (Volume 2)

As a personal trainer, I take my job extremely seriously. Seriously in the fact that if I prescribe the wrong exercise to the wrong person or allow someone to perform an exercise incorrectly the potential for injuring that person increases significantly. Thankfully in my 7 years as a PT, I am yet to injure anyone … Read more

Campaign detail (Volume 1)

In today’s mini-blog post I would like to explain to you why detail is so important when it comes to your exercise routine and daily movement patterns. You see in today’s busy and fast-paced world it’s easy to brush over the finer details. But hey, I’m a little bit old school and I like to … Read more