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My meditation journey (2 years on)

So… almost 2 years ago in June 2016 I started meditating. 🧘‍♂️

Since this time, despite a few rare days, it’s been a daily practice and a powerful change agent in the space of my own mental health and wellbeing, but also that of my family as a unit. It’s also had a huge impact on all the other people I engage with each week, including my friends, clients, my local barista and the lovely ladies who work at my local fruit shop, amongst others. 😎

In fact since I started mediating I have noticed that my interactions with all human beings and even animals has became a lot deeper, more personal and so much more than just surface level. When I engage with people these days I feel real connection, I do my best to listen to people with my entire body (not just my ears) and give my full attention (still something I’m working on with my wife). Instead of thinking about my response to what a person is saying and perhaps judging I aim to provide the space for them to be fully witnessed. Then respond when it’s appropriate to do so.

This is just one example of of how daily meditation has helped deepen my connection with myself and others, therefore enhancing my entire earthly experience.

Here is another great lesson I have learned from my daily meditation practice.

‘Being’ comes first, ‘action’ comes second

I’ll explain what I mean by this.

When I meditate I feel a sharp sense of simply ‘being’ or existing just in space, right here, now. Not in the future or in the past but just a peaceful, tranquil space of this present moment. When I am in this moment I feel acceptance of what is, surrender to the ego and connection to all living things. I feel the flow of the universe and I feel like I have all the answers to life. It’s simple, yet beautiful and an exciting space to be in. It’s the reason why meditation for me is something I look forward to each day and find myself effortlessly drawn to at the soonest, most practical time of my day.

Tuning into this state of simply ‘being’ is something I consider primary when it comes to my life here on this earth. As Echarte Tolle would say this is the most primary purpose of human beings. To feel this state of oneness. Everything else comes secondary.

So when I focus on achieving this state through meditation my actions or outer purpose follows on naturally from here. I perform my work and daily duties on the blank canvas that is ‘being’. When I prioritise feeling connection to this state (by meditating daily) my work is extremely joyful, effortless, fulfilling, rewarding, fun and I am easily able to find a balance between work, play and everything in between. A pure state of flow and higher consciousness. 🙏

Nothing is rushed, yet everything gets done. And it gets done to extremely high standards. 👌

My inner purpose ‘being’ allows for my outer purpose ‘work and life’ to flow in its most natural way.

I highly recommend commencing a regular meditation practice and seeing how the world shifts for you. If it’s something you are interested in then please feel free to email me any questions you may have.

It’s a conversation worth having as we move towards a new earth, filled with love, higher consciousness and greater awareness of our own individual impact. Learning to co-exist on this planet in a natural and harmonious way will be the key to the future of humanity and earth itself. 🌏

Much love 💚

Ash xx

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