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Campaign Detail (Volume 2)

As a personal trainer, I take my job extremely seriously. Seriously in the fact that if I prescribe the wrong exercise to the wrong person or allow someone to perform an exercise incorrectly the potential for injuring that person increases significantly.

Thankfully in my 7 years as a PT, I am yet to injure anyone during this time. But I believe it’s because I pay close attention to the details.

So if you have a PT or are considering engaging with one here are some things to look out for.

Hire someone who puts a high level of thought and detail into the program that you are following. Ensure it’s specific and tailored to your needs. This wisdom comes from years and years of practical experience. Your program should include a variety of exercises that are suitable and appropriate for your needs. You must be able to perform them in a safe and fairly simple manner. While some learning will be required, if they are too advanced your risk of injury goes up. So stick with a trainer who starts with the basics and gradually increases you from there.

The detail within a training session is also super important. When I run my sessions I make sure I see a minimum 95% of every exercise my client performs. Why? Because if there form is off I’ll need to coach them back. Clients get tired during sessions, especially towards the end of an exercise. Reminding them to sharpen their posture and engage the correct muscles (eg. core) is paramount to them getting their $$$ worth. The 5% or less that I may not see is the time spent setting up the next exercise to allow the session to flow. This is also important for making the session time efficient for the client. Another important detail to look for in a great trainer.

Another thing to look for is a trainer who is adaptable. Before every session I take I spend at least 5 minutes looking at my next client’s program. When they arrive, I’m looking at their body language and asking questions as we begin to warm up. That way I can easily gauge where the person is at and modify exercises to suit that person on each particular day. This is the real benefit of 1on1 personal training and one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. It’s extremely personal and individualized, hence the name “personal training”.

So in summary, if you are paying good $$$ for Personal Training you want someone who puts thought into your program, is adaptable, innovative, focused on you, watches everything you do and is on the leading edge of science and best industry practice.

Have a great week and keep an eye out for volume 3 of campaign detail.


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