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Campaign detail (Volume 1)

In today’s mini-blog post I would like to explain to you why detail is so important when it comes to your exercise routine and daily movement patterns.

You see in today’s busy and fast-paced world it’s easy to brush over the finer details. But hey, I’m a little bit old school and I like to do things properly which is why I’m putting together a series of emails titled “campaign detail”.

In these short emails, I’ll be guiding you on the things that should be paid attention to when embarking on an exercise routine and what you should look for in a personal trainer/gym.

I’ll also be talking about some of the smaller things that I do at home and at work that make life flow more easily, better allowing me to focus on the highest priority, giving my deserving clients an amazing experience each time they come to see me.

Posture, Technique and proper breathing mechanics are just a few things that I regard as high priority and high detail when it comes to helping people achieve greater health and well-being through exercise.

Basic exercises like the squat and pushup require a phenomenal amount of detail in order to execute well and gain maximal benefit. Having a great trainer who pays attention to these details and lays out simple progressions for you to work on each and every week is a vital component of your longevity, health, and well-being.

So please look out for some more of these emails and feel free to reach out if these words resonate.

Have a great start to Autumn, such a beautiful and blissful time of year. Let’s help each other to make every day as fulfilling as possible for the remainder of the year.


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