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Are you suffering fatigue in the new year?

Low energy, tired, fatigued? This isn’t normal, if you have started the year 2018 off slow and sluggish here are some tips to help you get going.

  1. Hire a trainer to make you accountable to exercise, do some research and find the best around, also somewhere local, within 5-minute drive is essential for you sticking to it long term.
  2. Start with 1 exercise. If you’ve lacked the motivation to really get into an exercise routine this year start by practicing just one exercise each day, until your energy shifts and you begin to crave more. If you have a hard time picking one exercise go for body weight air squats. Start by standing as tall as you can, keep your arms extended out in front of you, sit your hips back like you are sitting back into a chair and then stand back up nice and tall. Focus on moving nice and slow and breathing deep. Repeat 10-15 times and aim for at least twice per day to build momentum back in your favor.
  3. Get that good night sleep that you really need. Go to bed early tonight, shut off all devices, phones, laptops, tv’s at least 1 hour before bed, set the alarm for a full 9 hours of rest (or your optimal amount) follow this up with 5 minutes of deep belly breathing before going to sleep and get ready to wake up feeling fresh.

It shouldn’t be super difficult to help yourself feel amazing and enjoy life to the fullest. Often it’s these small and easy to do things that can be the biggest game changers.

So don’t put it off, 2018 is in full swing, let’s enjoy it together and to the absolute fullest that we can. We all deserve the energy to do the things we love and perform them with abundant energy.

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