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Offsetting EMF exposure in Electric Vehicles

Driving an Electric Vehicle is a beautiful thing πŸ™ However, these vehicles do radiate higher levels of EMF compared to petrol cars and this can fatigue the nervous system and cause stress on the body and cells. I use these sacred geometry devices to offset the EMF both in the EV and at my home. … Read more

The need for Cannabis right now

If there is a plant the world needs right now, it’s Cannabis. I have never seen humanity more stressed, worried and suffering more pain than we are today. Post pandemic stress, concern about the rising cost of living, concerns about the future, concerns about war, concerns about getting sick, political corruption, economic debt, unstable housing … Read more

Benefits of Running

It was a great morning for a bit of Interval Training down at Vic Park πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈΒ  Today I did 8 x 100m sprints, slowly building up to a sprinting pace and walking for a couple of minutes in between each one. Running and particularly sprinting is such a primitive movement for the human body and … Read more