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Offsetting EMF exposure in Electric Vehicles

Driving an Electric Vehicle is a beautiful thing 🙏

However, these vehicles do radiate higher levels of EMF compared to petrol cars and this can fatigue the nervous system and cause stress on the body and cells.

I use these sacred geometry devices to offset the EMF both in the EV and at my home.

Humans tend not to notice the negative effects of EMF on our bodies until we remove ourselves from them.

Think of the deep feeling of peace and calm when your deep in a forest without any phone signal.

Since using these devices in my home and car I notice much less fatigue and deeper sleep and my nervous system feels more balanced and calm than it did before I installed these devices.

Keen to know what efforts you go to, to offset or minimise EMF exposure?

Let me know in the comments 🙏

Have a beautiful day 💛

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