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The need for Cannabis right now

If there is a plant the world needs right now, it’s Cannabis.

I have never seen humanity more stressed, worried and suffering more pain than we are today.

Post pandemic stress, concern about the rising cost of living, concerns about the future, concerns about war, concerns about getting sick, political corruption, economic debt, unstable housing markets, food supply issues, the great reset, climate change, pollution, the jobs crisis, increasing crime rates plus many more.

There are lots of challenges that humanity faces right now but also into the future.

So should we worry about these issues that are mostly beyond our control?

Personally I don’t feel that worrying about these issues is helpful.

Should we be concerned?

Yes, probably.

However, what is clear to me is that if Humanity is to rise to these challenges then we must keep ourselves calm, healthy, well balanced and focused on the things within our control. 

By staying grounded and not getting caught up in the stress of the things we can’t control we can collectively come together to problem solve all that lies ahead of us.

Cannabis, I believe, is clearly the most helpful tool to help us achieve this.

By connecting more people with Cannabis and legalising the growing of Cannabis we not only improve the health and wellbeing of our people but we likely solve many other environmental issues as the plant can also be used for building materials, clothing materials, paper and fuel just to name a few.

Cannabis however, like anything else can be a double edge sword.

Abuse the medicine and you’ll suffer.

This rings true for all things.

Chocolate, alcohol, panadol, even broccoli. Yes, too much Broccoli could kill you, that’s true.

It all comes down to balance and having respect for the medicine.

If you respect the medicine and use it appropriately, ideally with guidance from a trusted professional then the medicine will have profound healing effects.

Abuse the medicine or use it as an escape to your problems and you’ll only cause yourself more pain.

Much investment is needed in this space of training and guidance. Right now there are very limited numbers of professionals who are helping people with this medicine, which I believe is a great shame.

If you’d like to learn more about Cannabis, the EndoCannabinoid System, and how it might assist you in your wellbeing journey then book a free consult with me today and I’ll answer any questions you may have and if deemed suitable can connect you with this medicine through the appropriate channels.

Just send me a message on here or email ashbodhiwellness@gmail.com


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