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Why have I journeyed down the plant medicine path and why is it now my core offering?

If you have known me for a while you may be unsure as to why I’ve moved away from helping people in gyms and am now focusing my energy more on helping people integrate plant medicines such as Cannabis, Cacao and Mushrooms into their spiritual practice.

The answer is simple.

By using these medicines first a person who needs healing or wants to create positive change can fast track their progress by more quickly addressing the root cause of their stress, trauma, pain, imbalances, disease etc.

By addressing the root cause first and by addressing it very quickly with the help of these medicines a person can move forward at a much faster rate than previously possible.

Basically, as a Holistic Health Practitioner this makes my job much easier.

For the client, once the root cause of any stress is resolved everything else becomes much easier. A person will more naturally and effortlessly make better food choices, they will prioritise their self care practice, whatever that is, perhaps, gym, yoga, pilates etc. They will manage their mental health much better.

These things will happen much more easily and effortlessly rather than being a constant struggle.

A persons relationships around them will also improve thanks to that person moving beyond the underlying stress or trauma and therefore no longer being triggered in negative and unpleasant ways by that specific trauma.

By using effective Plant Medicines in appropriate ways it’s down right easy for anybody to achieve a state of optimal health and wellbeing, to easily maintain a healthy weight range, to optimally manage one’s mind and to help one on the journey towards full human potential.

As a health practitioner I’m all about making my job easier, making life easier for the client and getting the best health results possible. 

This allows me to help more people because I’m spending less time holding peoples hand and needing to guide them while watching them struggle.

Effective plant medicine use early on in one’s journey will motivate and empower a person to do the hard work themselves and it will give them the energy and focus required to achieve what they want to achieve and live a life that is in line with their values.

I spent many years working 1on1 with Clients as a Health Coach, a Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Coach and while that work was very rewarding it also burned me out because my capacity to help large numbers of people was very limited. For people to get really good results they needed to see me regularly and spend large dollars on my services.

I only had some much time in the week that I could spend with people and I couldn’t help people who couldn’t afford my services.

However, something inside me, perhaps my soul had a knowing. A knowing that I did have the capacity to help more people and that there was a tool out there that was far more effective than the conventional methods I had learned at University and in life.

So I kept searching and that’s when I find these medicines.

And the light bulb went off BIG TIME!

A powerful realisation that there was a much more effective and better way to go about helping people in the field of health and wellbeing.

I’ve been on a powerful transformational journey the past 10 years and it’s all been building up to this point.

It’s time to create real change and perform real healing on the people who are ready for deep healing.

My mission is to heal as much trauma and pain as I possibly can in my time here on earth.

I myself use these medicines regularly and have developed deep connections to the spirit of theses sacred plants and fungi.

Used for thousands of years by Indigenous Peoples I know these medicines hold the key to unlocking the full potential of humanity and creating a better world for us all.

We can leave a positive legacy here on Earth, we can ensure the future of humanity and the future of out planet, we can live in harmony with each other and we can choose love in each moment.

But we must first be brave, face our biggest fears and address the root causes of our suffering. Only then can we move beyond the limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves and move towards our full potential.

Just for a moment….

Imagine a world where every Human chooses unconditional love, where every human expresses empathy towards others each other all the time, where humans get a long and supported each other, work together and come together in communion for a common goal.

Imagine if you could permanently view the world through the eyes of a child. Imagine if you saw the magic of life in each moment and nothing ever felt dull, bland or boring.

Imagine if everything excited you.

Imagine waking up early in the morning and bouncing out of bed with abundant energy, focus and intention.

Imagine soaking up each breath as if it was a divine gift from God and breathing fully into your whole body.

Imagine if you could live an entire lifetime, where in each moment you were guided fully by your heart.

Where you could live presently in each moment, never having to pretend to be someone else just to fit in.

I’m here to tell you that this is all possible.

You can be just you.

You don’t need to be anything more.

You’ve already done enough

It’s time to let go and live fully, to choose life and to choose love.

And that’s why I’ve been so drawn to these medicines and this work

Blessings to you 🙏

Have a wonderful day 💛

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