Divine Alchemy Yoga

60 Hour Water Fast

So this week I’m doing a 60 hour water fast. Last week I did a 36 hour water fast and found it super easy so I thought I’d up it again this week to help boost my performance, recovery, immune system etc.  Especially leading into Winter, I want to make sure I am as strong … Read more

Suffering with acne

Well, so did I when I was young and it sucked. Not just because it made me feel extremely self conscious and well, ugly but because it was also slowly making me sick over time. You see Acne is the body forcing toxins out of the body in an unhealthy way. The root cause of … Read more

How my Private Counselling sessions work

In my Private Counselling sessions I’ll help you to feel into uncomfortable emotions that may be coming up for you. This is important because emotions always serve our highest good. Therefore, we must feel into them, despite how uncomfortable that might be. However, it’s really important that the person feels safe before leaning into uncomfortable … Read more

Honouring the Psilocybin Mushroom

Sacred mushrooms are starting to pop their heads up again in Victoria πŸ’› Words can’t describe the reverence I have for this particular mushroom. Psilocybin Subaeruginosa is the name of this particular species. It’s the most highly potent Psychedelic mushroom in the world and it grows in very select places here in Victoria. I like … Read more