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Benefits of drinking filtered, alkaline water

Personally, I find that using a water filter to remove any chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, hazardous micro-organisms and majority of fluoride tastes much better and is easier to drink. It feels much lighter and is more satisfying.

The Zazen filter that I use (not a paid ad) is also cost-effective, with an upfront cost of $495 and roughly $160 per year for parts ongoing.

About 4 years ago when I made this switch I noticed a big improvement in my vitality, energy and focus levels. My water tasted cleaner and purer than I ever remembered.

When I drink tap water these days it tastes hard and gritty and not pleasant, so it’s not something I do often.

Another tip is to be prepared when traveling. If going away for the weekend (not by plane) I will prepare 12 glass bottles to take in the car. I re-use old San-Pellegrino Bottles. I keep these in my pantry, full of filtered water, ready to go. I also keep 5 jugs of water chilled in the fridge and 1 room temp, so there is always clean water available. And when I go to work I have 2 Nike drink bottles on the go. These are good quality, easy to clean, BPA free and easy to drink out of.

I am careful not to go overboard with my water consumption, instead,Β I take small sips to maintain a level of adequate hydration. Drinking filtered alkaline water helps you not to over drink because of it’s natural mineral content.

If travelling by plane and not practical to pack 12 glass water bottles, I will find a local health shop that sells bottled alkaline water and buy enough to keep the family going during time away.

I’ll go for the 1.5L bottles to reduce the amount of plastic.

Hydration and the cleanliness of my drinking water is a foundational practice that allows me to function better. The result of this is that I naturally and very easily make very good food choices, this is partly because of the electrolytes in the filtered alkaline water not leaving me feeling deficient.

My drinking water contains good levels of magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. It also results in less bloating and discomfort on the gut versus unfiltered, non-alkaline water.

Check out Zazen water below.

Great company, great vision.


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