Divine Alchemy Yoga

How to start working with Sacred Cacao


-Ceremonial Cacao 30g

-Liquid MCT Oil (Coconut Oil) 10g

-Agave Syrup/Nectar 30g

-Water/Milk 200ml

Optional Extra’s

-Cinnamon x 1 pinch

-Lions Mane Mushrooms (for focus and concentration)

-Reishi (to help with sleep)

-Cordyceps (to help with performance and recovery)

-Turmeric (ground) x 1 pinch (to help with inflammation)

-Any other Herb, Spice or medicinal product that you wish to add, depending on your needs.


Cooking on the stove top

Melt down Cacao on gentle heat, gradually mix in other ingredients using a whisk or fork, mix together well.

Serve warm

Using a Thermomix

Set Thermomix to 5 mins, speed 1, 85 degrees

Then blend on Speed 10 for 20 seconds

Serve warm


Ceremonial Cacao is powerful healing medicine. Sit with Cacao and connect with it as much as you are able to. Step into gratitude and honour this medicine. Please note this medicine is not psycho-active in any way, however it can bring up many emotions for us over time so be gentle with yourself when working with this Sacred Medicine.

Benefits include:

-Increased blood flow to the brain

-Increased energy and focus, allowing a person to lessen their dependence on stimulants like coffee

-Assistance with detoxification

-Strengthening of immune system

-Assistance in opening up our heart space/chakra, allowing us to choose love more in each moment, and helping us to live a rich, abundant life

Cacao is rich in:

-Magnesium to support the heart, nervous system and muscles

-Iron to support blood and immune system

-Chromium to balance blood sugar levels

-Zinc for immunity, sexual health and skin

-Calcium to support bone health

-Copper to build healthy blood

-Potassium to support muscle and nerve function


-And Tryptophan

Enjoy all these beautiful benefits of Ceremonial Cacao.

If you have any questions or would like to organise a private Cacao Ceremony with me please reach out via my website.


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