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Notes from my first Permaculture Tour

I got some feedback about my tour yesterday that I didn’t reference the Permaculture Principles themselves, which some people were hopeful of.

I think this is because I no longer see Permaculture as a theory but rather I embody Permaculture with every living action that take in life.

For me it’s a frequency and a vibration that exudes out of me.

I have made some notes to help connect the dots for those interesting in learning and those more new to permaculture.

Let me know what you think 💛

Observe and Interact:

When I spoke about gardening being a spiritual practice and treating it as a meditation this is the embodiment of this principle. Because you can only Observe your environment/garden when you are fully present in the moment or in a meditative state. So that’s why I spoke to that very early in the tour. Because I feel this has to be the foundation of your Permaculture practice. Otherwise you’re not really practicing Permaculture at all. You’re just Gardening. Something you probably won’t hear in most Permaculture tours.

I have worked personally with David Holmgren and Su Dennet at Melliodora and grasped this as this essence of their teachings simply by spending time with them. This is something a lot of people miss, however, I feel it’s the most important.

Catch and some energy

We use our water tank to store rain water, the EV to store energy and the compost system also catches energy that goes back into the garden.

I also use sacred geometry, crystals and my own personal vibration which I create through Yoga and Meditation etc. which becomes infused into the garden. If you tune into the subtle energies you can actually feel it.

This is why I run meditation and yoga workshops at the property because the energy is quite high here.

Obtain a yield

The organic Food and Medicine we grow feeds our family with nutrient dense foods and helps us manage our Health and Wellbeing and avoid illness.

I also now earn income from running tours and educating people about Permactulture so I am obtaining a yield by using my home as a demonstration home and by using my knowledge from studying Permaculture for the past 10 years.

I’m also earning income from running Health and Wellbeing based events at the property too.

Apply Self regulation and feedback

Feedback is always welcome, I get feedback from visitors, neighbours and on social media. And I’m always tweaking what we do based on this feedback.

My work with the sacred medicines help me creatively regulate myself and the property based on this feedback.

Use and value renewable resources

Solar panel system generates free energy from the Sun, Rain water harvesting etc.

The food we grow renews itself and provides me and my family with beautiful energy from the earth.

We also harness the energy of the earth using sacred geometry and will soon be using electroculture methods. Stay tuned.

Produce no waste

This is challenging with 2 young kids. The compost system and compost toilet diverts a lot of waste from landfill and we have an organised bin system for recycling etc. This one is a constant work in progress.

I do believe one day we can achieve zero waste to landfill.

Design from patterns to details

Sacred Geometry incorporated into the home, north facing orientation of home to maximise natural sunlight etc. mean we have zero bills and our home stays comfortable all year round.

Integrate rather than segregate

Everything is connected in the garden. My practices with sacred medicines, some which I grow here on the property help remind me of this connectedness. Everything has multiple functions. For example plants provide food but also cooling for the house.

Use small and slow solutions

Again, this comes back to making Permaculture a spiritual practice. My Yoga and meditation practice is a key part of this and ensure that I do things slowly without rushing and helps me avoid mistakes.

Use and Value diversity

We have built significant biodiversity in our house and garden since moving in 12 months ago by planting lots of flowers, natives etc.

Use edges and value the marginal

We use the verge garden to create even more biodiversity for pollinators, birds etc. and also to grow food. This also catches the eyes of neighbours with the intention to inspire them to also start building biodiversity and growing food to help build community.

I have also planted 35 fruit trees in an espaliered fashion around the perimeter of the property to maximise space, even on the shady south side for the property.

Every aspect of the property is maximised.

Creatively use and respond to change

I am constantly manifesting new visions and problem solving changes that occur in the environment and my garden through my sacred medicine work. These medicines help me connect to Country and seek ancient wisdom about how to creatively respond to changes so I can evolve with the property over time.

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