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Do you need help healing from trauma?

As a Yoga Therapist I have found the combination of movement, breathwork, meditation and sacred medicines extremely powerful in the practice of what I call trauma resolution.

You see, when we experience trauma it gets stored in the tissues of our body.

If left to itself in the subconscious these traumas can lead to long lasting wounds that shape our behaviours.

Most often they pull us out of alignment with our true values and we ending up behaving in line with our ego.

It’s firstly important to become aware of the trauma that you have endured and come to peace with the fact that it exists inside of you.

Once aware, using the practices mentioned above, trauma can easily be moved or shifted, out of our bodies and back out into the Quantum Field.

We will still carry these wounds with us, but instead they will be healed over, we will be at peace with what happened to us and able to move forward positively and live a life more consciously in line with our values.

It’s really simple but unfortunately not practiced by many therapists who prefer to diagnose people with labels that often become part of a persons identity.

Know this, if you are suffering right now.

You are not a label.

Depression, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety or any other mental health condition does not define who you are.

All that is happening is this.

You are behaving a certain way because you are yet to process your underlying traumas.

The label your therapist or doctor gave you is not your identity.

You are something much much greater.

Heal your traumas and you will feel this truth for yourself.

Much love everyone.

And prayers to anybody reading this who is suffering from unresolved trauma ????

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