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The profound practice of meditation

The profound practice of Meditation continues to blow my mind wide apart approximately 7 years after commencing this beautiful practice.

Whenever I get the chance I find myself dropping into mediation.

It’s no longer a discipline as such but rather a physical state that I organically find myself in.

Sometimes at home in my meditation space, sometimes playing with my kids, sometimes practicing Yoga and sometimes taking a poop (lol).

My meditation practice has evolved past the act of simply sitting and has become a state of being that I bring to the many things I find myself doing each day.

It’s truly beautiful.

Over the past 6 months my connection though my Third Eye or Pineal Gland has deepened significantly ?

Looking through my third eye when meditating allows me to see things like Geometrical shapes and patterns, colors and experience the feeling like I’m travelling through outer space, floating in the ether, surrounded by stars, planets, galaxies etc ✨

I feel strong connection to the Divine, to Heaven and to God.

Not a religious God, as I’m not a religious person but the God who created all things, the creator spirit, the source of all life in this Universe.

Often I find myself in meetings with God. We have conversations and he holds me. The time is always 4am and there is often other Sub Gods and Goddesses present for these meetings. 

It’s often a problem solving meeting where there is discussion about Pacha Mama, Planet Earth and how we can better manage her and her inhabitants.

I’m curious to know more about your mediation practice.

Please share in the comments below and let me know if you have had any similar experiences, whether through mediation or other spiritual endeavours.


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