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Vaporizing Organic Tobacco (My experience)

So I’ve been sitting in Ceremony with sacred Tobacco quite a lot lately.

This plant which has become demonised (unfairly in my opinion) by the West offers up such sacred and beautiful medicine which I’ve found really useful lately.

The Amazonians knew that Tobacco was a powerful mediator between humans and gods and still carry this ancient knowledge to this day through what they refer to as “Tobacco Masters”.

Unfortunatley, the Western world has transformed this remedy into poison (through cigaretttes etc.) and completely missed out on this plants therapeutic potential.

With great difficulty I sourced some Certified Organic Tobacco from the States and have been Vaporizing it 3-4 times per week for the past few months.

For someone who has never worked with Tobacco before this has been a truly magical experience. 

Sitting with the Tobacco or Mapacho in Ceremony is hard to describe. It’s helped keep me grounded, focused, productive and more balanced since I’ve been working with it. 

I feel like it’s helping me step into my true healthy masculine and true potential as a human.

When I sit in Ceremony with Tobacco, I immediately drop into a deep mediation. I feel connected to all things, I feel strong and powerful, yet soft and supple.

There is a sense of deep harmony that I’ve not quite felt before.

Before Vaporizing I always offer up some fresh Tobacco to Mother Earth ?. She loves Tobacco on her bare soil. In Bali they offer this sacred herb every day to Pacha Mama which is a big reason why Bali has such a special energy ?

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this share.

If you are looking into Vaporizers please do your research and go for ideally medical grade vaporisers that are set up so that the heating element does not come into contact with your herbs.

Cheaper vaporizers can leach toxins into your herbs which will then be inhaled and due to the sensitivity of lungs this is not a good practice for good health.

And just to be clear I am not an advocate of smoking Tobacco, apart from maybe special occasions due to the carcinogens that occur with this process.

Vaporizing with a medical grade vaporiser is the way to go to do this healthily and without negative side effects, in my opinion.

Good luck and much love ?

Ash ?

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