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Want to lose weight and build muscle?

If you’d like to lose weight and build some lean muscle then in terms of diet my advice is to NOT focus on the following:

🍎How much you eat (Calories in)

🍎How often you eat 


🍎When you eat

These things aren’t actually that important when it comes to weight loss.

The most important factor that will help you lose weight and keep it off (in my opinion) is the QUALITY of the food that you are eating.

If you focus on eating high QUALITY food your body will be:

🥦Filled with vital life force energy

🥦Brought back into a state of balance (homeostasis) naturally

🥦Easily able to maintain a healthy weight range over time

🥦Intelligently guided over time as to how much you need to eat and when the best times are for you to eat depending on your schedule/lifestyle

If you focus on building a healthy relationship with food and improving the QUALITY of the food you eat gradually over time you should notice a big improvement in many key health markers without too much effort at all.

Of course there are exceptions to this, however for most people this is a key fundamental that can build the foundation for exceptional Health and Wellbeing over a long period of time.

If you’re striving for better health or would like to lose weight here are some important questions to ask about the food you are eating:

🍑Am I eating foods that inflame my body or foods that reduce inflammation?

🍑Am I eating foods that are easy to digest or difficult to digest?

🍑Am I eating foods that enhance my energy or deplete my energy?

🍑Am I listening to my body and the way it reacts to the foods I’m eating?

🍑Am I eating foods that are sprayed with lots of chemicals which may disrupt my gut health and hormone function?

Love to hear your feedback 🙏

Limited Spaces are available for Advanced Nutrition Coaching with me, Ash Bedford at Club Lime Ballarat.

First session is $40 and you can book using the link below:


Have a great week 💛

Ash 😃

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