Divine Alchemy Yoga

Want more energy?


I study the human body a lot as well as ancient traditions such as Yoga together with modern science and continuously piece together the most practical ways for modern-day humans to unlock the true energy that is often blocked within.

We all want more energy, it can be the bane of one’s existence. Living with low energy, falling into lazy mode and simply not enjoying life. I’ve been there. It ain’t nice.

Posture is important for unlocking energy. In western science we look to align the spine in its optimum relationship with the vertebral joints above and below. This allows for optimum nerve flow from the central nervous system.

By aiming to practice moving with good posture 2-3 times per week in a way that suits your body, is safe and not practiced in an egoic way you should easily find that you are able to unlock more energy from within.

The results will be excellent neural function, energetic freedom and flow throughout your body.


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