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Why Meditate?

It’s about letting go, a practice of non-effort (in a world that is all PUSH), accepting that in reality we have absolutely no control over our own thoughts whatsoever. 

Quick Example: close your eyes and try not to think of a pink elephant

How did you go?

In my experience attempts to control the mind (e.g. with positive thoughts) rarely work out long term and therefore do not provide a sustainable path to an authentic and happy life.

What we do have however is the power of our habits and rituals, the things we do each day that ground us and bring us into the present moment. These conscious behaviours that we can implement each day give us great power over our minds despite having no control over thoughts. 

Meditation for me is about becoming more self-aware and practicing non-attachment to the thoughts that constantly fill my brain.

Seeing them for what they really are (just thoughts) and not judging them, rather letting them be. This is called mindfulness.

By practicing non-attachment or mindfulness, slowly we can begin to let go of the things that hold us back in life and uncover the true self (who we really are).

On a daily basis our minds are filled with constant noise in the form of radio, television, billboard advertising, podcasts, Facebook and Instagram as we feed ourselves with unnecessary media, filling up our brain to the point of overwhelm. 

Talking from my own experiences here, it’s truly hard work to block that stuff out so you can live authentically each day. It’s not impossible but you will have quite a big fight on your hands and it’s wise to have some quality tools for the job to give yourself the best chance of success.

Meditation is just one tool that I have found to be truly effective in keeping me connected with the person I really am. And lets be clear here, I’m not talking about Ash the Personal Trainer or Ash the Father, Husband, Son or any of these assuming labels we like to put on ourselves. I’m talking about Ash who feels happy when he see’s the sunrise, Ash who feels grounded when arriving home from travelling, Ash who feels nurtured when surrounded by loved ones, Ash who feels alive when playing, and Ash who feels sad when someone close to him passes away.

Fort most of us (including myself) this is often the side of us that we hide from the world, the side we feel we need to protect from a dark and scary planet. Too often we are afraid to be vulnerable at the expense of living fully and authentically. 

This path that I am on to live authentically each day is not an easy path. There are many challenges and I have been thrown off many times. Yet I continue to practice because it means a lot to me. 

And I am therefore grateful for the suffering that I endure along this path for that is what I need to be successful in this pursuit. 

If anyone else out there is suffering along this journey then know that you are not alone and there are always others out there walking the same path you are.

The suffering you endure will be a necessity and in fact your right hand man for without it there can be no growth. 

So be thankful as it is always only temporary. Remember there are many beautiful rainbows, sunshine and happy days ahead. That I can promise. 

If you feel the need to reach out to me then I would love to hear from you.

Always here at anytime to support and offer help to those who are in need with no obligation or expectation.

Hope you are all having a great Melbourne Cup Week.

Much love

Ash xx

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