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How my Private Counselling sessions work

In my Private Counselling sessions I’ll help you to feel into uncomfortable emotions that may be coming up for you.

This is important because emotions always serve our highest good.

Therefore, we must feel into them, despite how uncomfortable that might be.

However, it’s really important that the person feels safe before leaning into uncomfortable and unpleasant emotions.

That’s why I work really hard to hold a super tight container for the people I work with.

I use things like Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Essential oils, Smudging, Sacred Instruments, Sacred Plants as well as my own intentions and it’s powerful let me tell you.

If we don’t honour, acknowledge and sit with unpleasant emotions that come through us we end up suppressing them.

And I don’t need to tell you, that’s bad news.

This only leads to unnecessary and avoidable pain and suffering.

In my sessions you might cry, and that’s ok because it’s safe to have that release.

I’ll hold you (energetically) in that space to allow you to move that energy through.

I’ll then often guide you towards the Sacred Elements, which you see here in this photo.

Normally there is one that resonates more deeply than the others.

We can then explore ways of using that sacred Element to help you continue to move emotions though the body.

We might also use Yoga, Meditation and some breathing exercises or Pranayama.

And sometimes if you’re lucky Spirit might channel through a special message with some powerful words that you need to hear in order to heal.

This happens more often than you think (like every session pretty much lol).

I feel deeply blessed to do this work that I do.

Please note that I am not a University qualified Counsellor. The westernised approaches never resonated much with me.

I have been instead been initiated into this space through my deep work with many different Shaman, Medicine People as well as the Sacred Medicines themselves.

I also get regular downloads and guidance from the realm of the dreaming which often leaves clues about how I can take people deeper into their own healing.

So, you can see I’m not conventional by any stretch of the imagination.

But that’s ok, because most people I meet have tried conventional methods with poor results. In fact often they find it makes them worse over time. 

You can read some testimonials from the people I work with on Google as well as my website:


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