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Honouring the Psilocybin Mushroom

Sacred mushrooms are starting to pop their heads up again in Victoria 💛

Words can’t describe the reverence I have for this particular mushroom.

Psilocybin Subaeruginosa is the name of this particular species.

It’s the most highly potent Psychedelic mushroom in the world and it grows in very select places here in Victoria.

I like to think of them as Sacred places.

Be careful though, look-a-likes, if ingested will cause hospitalisation and in some cases permanent organ damage.

So please do not experiment with these mushrooms unless you have extensive experience in the field of Mycology.

Personally, I don’t sit with this Mushroom much myself anymore. The power of this Mushroom is such that it shows you how to claim your own Sovereignty over your own Mind, Body and Spirit.

They have helped me get clear on what kind of life I wanted to create for myself, my family and the greater community around me.

They gently guided me towards my fullest potential, helped me heal limiting beliefs and traumas and lead to the expansion of my consciousness to such a point that I only ever now live in the pure magic of each moment, without fear and without stress.

They helped me to live peacefully, find joy in all that life has to offer, even the mundane. It’s made me kinder to others and taught me how to choose love more in each moment.

I’ve connected deeply with Spirit when under the influence of these mushrooms and been taken on wild rides to other realms and galaxies.

I’ve received deep cuddles from Pachamama, carried out deep Ancestral healing and spent many hours in the realm of the dreaming, sometimes visiting others in their own future dreams for the purpose of healing.

The Sacred mushrooms have shown me the true essence of who I really am and then taught me that actually it’s ok to not know who to are, what you are doing, or why you are doing it.

They have this weird paradox thing about them, which somehow just makes sense.

The mushrooms also helped me to reframe my understanding of abundance and what it means to live abundantly. It taught me that abundance is a choice that we get to make in each moment and that doing what you love in each moment is true abundance. So that’s how I live now, I just do what I love to do in each moment. Sometimes that’s resting, sometimes it’s holding space for others, sometimes it’s playing with my kids, sometimes it’s cleaning up at home and getting things organised. 

It’s a permanent and perpetual flow state.

Pretty cool right.

Anyway, deep love, honour and reverence for these Magic and Sacred Mushrooms.

The other thing to know is that these mushrooms are not to be fucked with. If you fail to honour them, to use them properly, in Ceremony, as they are intended to be used then they’ll make life worse for you, they’ll kick your butt and make you never want to try them again.

As with all Sacred medicines they must be honoured in the highest sense of the word. No fucking around here, no using them at parties or recreationally.


You’re in for a world of pain of you go down that path.

I’m not saying the medicine isn’t fun, it’s actually a really fun medicine but it demands honour, it demands reverence.

If you get that part right you’ll change your life forever.

Mush love

Ash 💛

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