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Getting back in flow

I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas and New Year Period and is ready to take on 2016. As you may have heard we had a little surprise just after Christmas with Noah James Bedford being born on the 30th December. Everything went very smoothly, Mum, Dad and bub are all doing well and after a massive couple of weeks I am back at work and trying to get back in flow.

What we generally find around this time of year is that many of us struggle to get back in flow after having a break or a change in routine and it can be difficult for us to get the ball rolling. Whenever the flow state is interrupted, even by a small degree we can lose focus, feel lousy and become less motivated. This can be frustrating particularly if you’ve set some big goals for the new year.

It’s important to remember that creating a flow state optimal for human performance can take some time to develop and it’s not always going to feel good. Personally I felt in fantastic flow leading up to Christmas and was in great form over the break but feel like I am starting a fresh now I am back.

I’m fully aware that it will take some time to get back into the flow state and that things won’t feel as good as they have for a little while, but they will. It will just take time. The key is to remain consistent and continue to rock up each day and do the things that are highest on your values list.

So my challenge to you this year is to get the year off to a good start despite the fact that things may not feel 100% awesome.  Keep rocking up and doing what you know you need to do because they will get easier. The month of January can have a powerful impact on the way the rest of the year unfolds and a small amount of uncomfortableness now will lead to a much more pleasurable outcome later on.

If you want to get 2016 off to a great start and make it your best year yet then accountability is everything. Having someone to keep you on track, keep you focused and plan out a solid strategy will be a huge determining factor in whether your goals are met this year. So make the investment in a good coach and seek guidance from those who can help you.

Wishing everyone a strong year for 2016!


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