Divine Alchemy Yoga

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“I’ve been training with Ash 2-3 times per week for approximately 4 years now. Our sessions are always positive and extremely well organised. Ash is very much a body and mind trainer, always injecting some positive psychology into the sessions. There is a blurring of personal trainer and life coach in Ash’s approach to training, which I have really enjoyed over the years. As my body has aged with time Ash has adapted my training to be lower impact and more sensible to my needs. As a result I have never sustained injury under his direction. Thanks Ash for being a great trainer and great mate along this journey.”

Paul Sitzler

“Ash is amazing! From the very first session my goals were very carefully considered and my abilities assessed thoroughly. As a result I saw a huge difference in my strength and control. Every session is specifically planned for me but also flexible to how my body is on that day, and it’s fun! Ash constantly assesses how I’m feeling during and after sessions. He is so positive and encouraging- I love it! Never pushy, just calmly guiding me in the direction my training needs to go. As a physiotherapist, I can highly recommend Ash for his expertise and knowledge, calm but fun attitude to training and specific attention to the mind-body connection.”

Janetta Macfarlane

“I have been training with Ash for a number of years now and I really enjoy it. I love the flexibility that the sessions provide. The ability to be creative and problem solve on the go. I love it when I need a session that is a bit more restorative, instead of intense, Ash is able to adjust the way he sees the session running. Attention to form and technique is extremely high. As a chiropractor, someone who is interested in form and wellbeing assurance, I love Ash’s approach.

Damian Kristof

Training with Ash has been a truly fantastic experience and I can safely say he is the best trainer I have worked with. I was repetitively injuring myself through poor management until I started with Ash. He worked closely with my physiotherapist to design a program that allowed me to build up a powerful strength base, leaving me feeling fitter and more confident in my body than I had been since my early 20’s. My sessions were always dynamic and interesting and would always leave me feeling uplifted and satisfied. I highly recommend Ash’s services to anyone.

Nick Gawler
Project Manager, NAB

“Training with Ash helped me a lot with my mental health and wellbeing. He has such great energy and positivity which helped me to balance myself and stay calm during periods of high stress. I am so grateful that I found Ash when I did.”

Graziela Henriques