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The Power of Meditation (Why I practice daily)

The reason I practice meditation is this. It simply helps me to build and enhance my awareness with the present moment. “The now”. It provides me a sense of grounding and inter-connectedness similar to the way a giant tree is rooted into the ground, connected with the earth. When I exist in this moment (just like the tree) there is no stress, anxiety or fear. It’s pure love, joy and abundance. The essence of my true self shines brightly out into the world. Everything I do becomes a full expression of my inner state of just being. There is no labels of who I am. I see myself as equal to all of us who inhabit this earth and I feel inter-connected with it all. Humans, animals, plants, galaxies. There is this powerful sense of connection. Life flows in this state, my daily actions are carried out with effortless effort and my life feels like it has a deep and enriched meaning far beyond anything I can explain. And I trust it completely.

For these above reasons, most days, rising out of bed at 4:30am to sit and meditate is an effortless and joyful experience. However there are still days where I am often pulled away from the present moment and the motivation to meditate comes later in the day. By committing however, to the discipline of the daily practice and prioritising it, regardless of how busy my day is, I have been able to spend more and more days in state of presence and flow. Enjoying life on an unprecedented level. One I had never experienced prior to last year.

If you have read all the above then I will leave you with this little piece of wisdom from my experience here on this earth so far (keep in mind I am no guru and do not have any answers, I’m just raising discussion). Life can seem hard often at times, mainly due to us focusing too much on the future or being conditioned by our past. Training yourself to be present is the best tool we have to feel the state in which I described above and enhance the quality of our lives. Loving yourself and getting to know yourself is primary and should come long before the pursuit of anything external. Eg. academia, sporting or business achievements. This is why even the highest achievers in our society still face fear, anxiety and depression. It starts with the self, “Know thyself” everything else is secondary.

PS. If this resonates then book a free 7 minute chat with me and I will guide you towards this path if it is of interest to you. Mindful exercise, Pranayama (breathwork) and building an awareness based practice (meditation) are all proven ways to help you live a life with more flow.

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Thanks for reading guys and I look forward to hearing from you.

Ash xo

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