Divine Alchemy Yoga

3 steps to a conscious relationship with Cannabis 🌱

  1. Set an intention around why you feel called to connect with this medicine, what would you like it to help you with?
  2. Sit in Sacred Ceremony with the Medicine. This can be uniquely designed by you or with guidance from an experienced mentor
  3. Integrate what you learn from the experience into your day to day life to open up space for new growth ✨ 

Using Cannabis this way as opposed to mindlessly consuming or using the medicine to escape your problems will open up portals and dimensions that allow you to have a 2 way conversation between you and the plant.

If you do this well the plant will show you deep insights into your fullest potential and leave important clues that help you to move towards that potential.

Care must be taken not to seek anything from the plant itself. The plant simply shows us how powerful we are and helps us remember.

Gently guiding us back to the path from which we have strayed from over time.


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