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The personal trainer effect

The personal trainer effect

Have you ever noticed that if someone tells you to do something and you are accountable to that person, for example your boss, and there is immediate pressure placed upon you to get something done, you remarkably stop procrastinating and actually get down to business. It’s called accountability and if you are not accountable to anyone other than yourself there is a high chance that you procrastinate and avoid doing certain things which you probably should be doing. Things that could make you feel great.

It’s the same with hiring a personal trainer. It’s the extra 40-50% in concentration that comes from being accountable that gets you those extra results. And allows you to maximise the return that you get on the time you spend exercising each and every week. Over time this adds up significantly and it’s the difference between you being able to effortlessly stay in great shape versus getting further out of shape, despite training regularly.

I call this “The personal trainer effect”

Now keep in mind I am NOT old school and I am certainly NOT a trainer who barks orders at his clients in an army like fashion. That is not what I’m talking about here. I’ll guide my clients mindfully towards the exercises that they need during each particular training session. And I’ll make sure they enjoy their session and walk out feeling more energised than when they walked in. That is always the aim.

My job is simply to help stop people procrastinating when it comes to exercise and get straight down to business. It can be a little uncomfortable in the beginning but helping clients to find their flow within a session and then take that flow into the rest of their day is something I pride myself on and absolutely enjoy each and every day.

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