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My 15 Years in Health and Fitness

My 15 Years in Health and Fitness

15 years ago, back in 2007 I started my career in the Health and Fitness industry as a part-time professional athlete and Nutrition Coach.

I was involved with football umpiring at a local level here in Ballarat before being appointed to the VFL List in 2009.

As things organically grew for me in the Health and Fitness space I moved into Personal Training, went on to study Exercise Science at Deakin University in Melbourne and sought out the best mentors that I could find. 

I spent a lot of time with mentors such as Christian Woodford (WSSC), Michael Chrichton (Melbourne Fitness and Performance), Jake Moller (Mace Fitness), Damian Kristof (Vida Lifestyles), Martin Rooney (Training for Warriors), Dr John Berardi (Precision Nutrition), Wim Hof, and Dustin Brown (Warrior One Yoga) plus many many more and they all helped shape me into the Trainer, Coach and person I am today.

Later on in my career I did further studies into Advanced Nutrition Coaching, became a qualified Yoga Teacher and spent time studying Indigenous knowledge, Plant medicines, Organic Gardening, Shamanism and Breath Work.

Itโ€™s been a busy life but itโ€™s all passion.

An average year doing the work I do sees me engage about 300 new clients every year.

Which means that since 2007 I have consulted and coached almost 15,000 clients.

And let me tell you there has been such a wide variety of people that Iโ€™ve worked with ๐Ÿ’›

The past 2 years I paused pretty much all face to face training and coaching mainly due to the pandemic but also because I needed a mental break.

It feels so good to be back again at a brand new gym, offering my services again, connecting with people and hopefully helping them in some way become healthier more balanced people.

Iโ€™m offering free 30 minute consults for anyone interested in catching up.

Send me a text on 0417 502 309 or email


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